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Year Title Genre Location
1997A Saint Patrick Day Celebration with a DifferenceOld Europe
1997A Saint Patrick Day Celebration with a DifferenceFestivalOld Europe
1997Prisoners of WarFilmOld Europe
1996Independent films from FrankfurtFilmOld Europe
1996Poetry and Identity, poetry and music eventLiteraryOld Europe
1996The Postman (Il Postino) -FilmOld Europe
1996Wanting to be the Same Wanting to be DifferentFilmOld Europe
1996Spirit, Stream, StormFilmOld Europe
1996Musings and Asides about SexTheaterOld Europe
1995Voices From Northern Ireland and 7 Day WonderFilmOld Europe
1995Cowws QuintetMusicOld Europe
1995Now It's Boiling OverFilmOld Europe
1995Faith, Charity, HopeFilmOld Europe
1995Dark Shadows of FearFilmOld Europe
1995The Truth Shall Make Us Free: Inside the Neo Nazi NetworkFilmOld Europe
1995Temporary Girl: The Office Christmas PartyFilmOld Europe
1995More Marker and MedvedkinFilmOld Europe
1995The Last BolshevikFilmOld Europe
1995Caught Frames: Alchemie und Schaulust: German ExpressionistFilmOld Europe
1994HomeFilmOld Europe
1995FMP Musical FestivalMusicOld Europe
Total Results: 141121 - 141 of 141  first | previous   1 2 3 4 5