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Year Title Genre Location
2020Fairytale at the Grand HotelTheaterOld Europe
2020HENRY VTheaterOld Europe
2019All Souls JazzFestival, MusicOld Europe
2019FeliciteFilmOld Europe
2019Vexations by Erik SatieFestivalOld Europe
2019Schweinehund (Andy Gaukel, USA)FestivalOld Europe
2019Axis: The importance of human sacrifice in the 21st Century (Gare Centrale and Une Compagnie, Belgium)FestivalOld Europe
2019Tria Fata (Compagnie La Pendue, France)FestivalOld Europe
2018Manifest(o): no matter where i go, i still end up meTheaterAmerican, Old Europe
2018Mihbaj: a staged reading of a play by Riad IsmatLiteraryOld Europe
2018Mercury HamletTheaterOld Europe
2018Mikhail Scherbakov - Chicago ConcertMusicOld Europe
2018The AristophanesathonSocial, TheaterAmerican, Old Europe
2018The Great God PanTheaterOld Europe
2016The Tragedy of Macbeth, Fear in the NightFestival, TheaterOld Europe
2016Ian & GabrielMusicOld Europe
2015AbjeezMusicOld Europe
2015The Immortal Beloved Flamenco DramaDanceOld Europe
201416th All Souls Jazz FestivalMusic, PolishOld Europe
2014суХие / Sukhie - Russian BandMusicOld Europe
2014Venus in FurFilmOld Europe
2014The Broken Circle BreakdownFilmOld Europe
2014Evgen Malinovskiy in ConcertMusicOld Europe
2013Tanya MelamedFilm, MusicOld Europe
2013Minor Empire ConcertMusicOld Europe
2013Chopin Salon #100 - The Forbidden Best-sellers of Pre-Revolutionary FranceLiteraryOld Europe
2013France & French Living AbroadSocialOld Europe
2013Chopin Salon #98 - Ian and Ani with Rustem GalitchMusicOld Europe
2013CoriolanusTheaterOld Europe
Total Results: 1451 - 30 of 145 1 2 3 4 5   next|last