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Year Title Genre Location
2019Paper Cut (Yael Rasooly, Israel)Festival, TheaterRest Of The World
2018Chopin Theatre turns 100! Festival, TheaterAmerican
2016The Tragedy of Macbeth, Fear in the NightFestival, TheaterOld Europe
2015The Girlie Show LiveFestival, TheaterAmerican
2015Tossed & Found Festival, TheaterNew Europe
2015Suhde - Chicago Contemperoray Circus FestivalFestival, TheaterAmerican
2011Sketchbook 2011 - EvolutionFestival, TheaterAmerican
2011The Woyzeck Project - VOICE CHECKFestival, TheaterOld Europe
2011The Woyzeck Project - GUINEA PIG SOLOFestival, TheaterAmerican
2011The Woyzeck Project - WOYZECKFestival, TheaterOld Europe
2011The Woyzeck Project - PONYFestival, TheaterOld Europe
2001Festival, TheaterAmerican
1992Fall From GraceFestival, TheaterAmerican
1992Dame SirithFestival, TheaterAmerican
1992All Men Are WhoresFestival, TheaterAmerican
1992GrapefruitFestival, TheaterAmerican
1992Couch PieceFestival, TheaterAmerican
1992Less then Equal
Festival, TheaterAmerican
Festival, TheaterAmerican
Total Results: 191 - 19 of 19 1