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Year Title Genre Location
202010th anniversary FestivalFestivalAmerican
2019All Souls JazzFestival, MusicOld Europe
2019Đight of Hispanic FlowFestivalRest Of The World
2019The U-TurnFestival, FilmRest Of The World
2019FEOS Festival, TheaterRest Of The World
2019Vexations by Erik SatieFestivalOld Europe
2019Tabletop TragediesFestivalAmerican
2019Schweinehund (Andy Gaukel, USA)FestivalOld Europe
2019Axis: The importance of human sacrifice in the 21st Century (Gare Centrale and Une Compagnie, Belgium)FestivalOld Europe
2019Tria Fata (Compagnie La Pendue, France)FestivalOld Europe
2019Paper Cut (Yael Rasooly, Israel)Festival, TheaterRest Of The World
2019The Catapult 2019 - w/JeghettoFestivalNew Europe
2019The Catapult 2019 - w/Yael RasoolyFestivalRest Of The World
2018Yalda Winter Solstice Poetry BazmFestivalRest Of The World
2018Chopin Theatre turns 100! Festival, PolishAmerican
2017All Souls Jazz / Zaduszki Jazzowee 2017Festival, Music, PolishNew Europe
2017New Years 2018 - Cabaret & Dance PartyFestivalAmerican
2016The Tragedy of Macbeth, Fear in the NightFestival, TheaterOld Europe
2016The Fly Honey Show #7FestivalAmerican
2016Sketchbook 15 - The FinaleFestivalAmerican
2015New Year's Eve ExtravaganzaFestivalAmerican
201517th Annual All Souls JazzFestival, Music, PolishAmerican
2015The Girlie Show LiveFestival, TheaterAmerican
2015Tossed & Found Festival, TheaterNew Europe
2015Suhde - Chicago Contemperoray Circus FestivalFestival, TheaterAmerican
2014New Years Eve Spectacular Spectacular CabaretFestivalAmerican
2013New Years Eve Cabaret @ ChopinFestivalAmerican
201315th Annual All Souls Jazz Festival Festival, Music, PolishNew Europe
2013Fly Honey ShowFestivalAmerican
2012Galician PartyFestival, MusicNew Europe
Total Results: 1531 - 30 of 153 1 2 3 4 5 6   next|last