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Year Title Genre Location
2019Kaeyra's 18th ConcertMusic, PolishNew Europe
2019Ich CzworoPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2019Over the Moon and Under the Sun MusicAmerican
2019Dynamic Donuts: Music in the morning with Chicago Fringe OperaMusicAmerican
2019Garden Alchemy: 3 responses to SatieMusicAmerican
2019The Blue Nocturne Presents: Howard LevyMusicAmerican
2019TEMPORARILY POSTPONED due to Visa - Koncert Olgi Bończyk Music, PolishNew Europe
2019FAUST Live!MusicAmerican
2019Glamour in the Dark (Yael Rasooly, Israel and Iliya Magalnyk)Music, TheaterRest Of The World
2019PAHA Awards BanquetPolish, SocialNew Europe
2019BAL W OPERZEPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2018Magiczna MocDance, PolishRest Of The World
2018The Blue Nocturne Holiday PartyMusicAmerican
2018The Nutcracker Music, TheaterAmerican
2018Chopin Theatre turns 100! Festival, PolishAmerican
2018The Blue Nocturne presents: Ivan NevilleMusicAmerican
2018All Souls Jazz - XXMusic, PolishNew Europe
2018Lana EucalyptusMusicAmerican
2018The End of TVFilm, Music, TheaterAmerican
2018Let's do it again! - A Night on Milwaukee AvenueFilm, PolishNew Europe
2018ABC Music Competition Youth Piano CompetitionMusic, PolishNew Europe
2018Mikhail Scherbakov - Chicago ConcertMusicOld Europe
2018Songs that SpeakMusicAmerican
2018A Night on Milwaukee Avenue - Premiere, Private Screening & Red Carpet After PartyFilm, PolishNew Europe
2018Watching the World go By, album releaseMusicAmerican
2018Impromptu FestMusicAmerican
2018Songs that SpeakMusic, TheaterAmerican
2017Milkowski Youth Piano CompetitionMusic, PolishNew Europe
2017Wicker Park Annual Holiday PartyMusic, SocialAmerican
Total Results: 5251 - 30 of 525 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15   next|last