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Year Title Genre Location
2019Echo TelegraphMusicAmerican
2019Chuck Webb & Guru TonicMusicAmerican
2019Kaeyra's 18th ConcertMusic, PolishNew Europe
2019Ich CzworoPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2019Over the Moon and Under the Sun MusicAmerican
2019Dynamic Donuts: Music in the morning with Chicago Fringe OperaMusicAmerican
2019Garden Alchemy: 3 responses to SatieMusicAmerican
2019The Blue Nocturne Presents: Howard LevyMusicAmerican
2019TEMPORARILY POSTPONED due to Visa - Koncert Olgi Bończyk Music, PolishNew Europe
2019FAUST Live!MusicAmerican
2019Glamour in the Dark (Yael Rasooly, Israel and Iliya Magalnyk)Music, TheaterRest Of The World
2019PAHA Awards BanquetPolish, SocialNew Europe
2019BAL W OPERZEPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2018Magiczna MocDance, PolishRest Of The World
2018The Blue Nocturne Holiday PartyMusicAmerican
2018The Nutcracker Music, TheaterAmerican
2018Chopin Theatre turns 100! Festival, PolishAmerican
2018The Blue Nocturne presents: Ivan NevilleMusicAmerican
2018All Souls Jazz - XXMusic, PolishNew Europe
2018Lana EucalyptusMusicAmerican
2018The End of TVFilm, Music, TheaterAmerican
2018Let's do it again! - A Night on Milwaukee AvenueFilm, PolishNew Europe
2018ABC Music Competition Youth Piano CompetitionMusic, PolishNew Europe
2018Mikhail Scherbakov - Chicago ConcertMusicOld Europe
2018Songs that SpeakMusicAmerican
2018A Night on Milwaukee Avenue - Premiere, Private Screening & Red Carpet After PartyFilm, PolishNew Europe
2018Watching the World go By, album releaseMusicAmerican
2018Impromptu FestMusicAmerican
2018Songs that SpeakMusic, TheaterAmerican
Total Results: 5271 - 30 of 527 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15   next|last