The Hammer Trinity House Theatre

Fri 730p; Sat/Sun Marathons 2p-11p - "the conclusion of Americana-infused fantasy trilogy... Find out what becomes of Casper Kent, July of the Seven Foxes and the land of New Plymouth in Part Three: The Excelsior King; refresh your memory of the events of Part One: The Iron Stag King and Part Two: The Crownless King with nine-hour marathon performances of the entire trilogy" - TimeOut Chicago


Tickets $30 (Fri); $65 (Sat/Sun Marathons)

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Ultra High Frequencies: The Chicago Party Numero Group & Chopin Theatre

Tue Mar 3rd @ 730p - Tonight a hometown screening The Chicago Party -- for 23 straight Saturday nights in 1982 this dance show assaulted Chicagoland UHF eyeballs with Spandex, Southside fly guys, tender tenderonies, magicians, contortionists, prismatic video gimmickry, and lip-synched singles by a rising regime of local post-disco casualties.


Tickets - $5

Kafka Games The Franz Kafka Fancier Society of Chicago & Chopin Theatre

Tuesdays @ 11p - Franz Kafka's The Castle is to be read aloud on five successive occassions underground and in the night. We invite all those who love K to join this society of equals and help to propound the works of Kafka in this and every subsequent epoch. +

MFA Actor Showcase University of Iowa

March 9th - The University of Iowa invites you to an MFA Actor Showcase at the Chopin Theatre Mainstage featuring its graduate students. 


Closure The Cradle Society

Tue March 11th - “Closure”, a documentarya trans-racial adoptee who finds her birth mother, and meets the rest of a family who didn't know she existed, including her birth father.   A story about identity, complexities of trans-racial adoption, and most importantly, CLOSURE.  Fundraiser to benefit The Cradle's mission.

Tickets - $50 

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