Yellow Wallpaper Mill Theater

A woman suffering from postpartum depression is prescribed the "rest cure" by her physician husband.  Her isolation drives her further from reality, leading to an obsession with the eerie wallpaper that lines her oppressive walls. Her descent into madness pays homage to Gothic horror stories while tackling the complexities of postpartum depression.


Previews 8/22, 8/23, Opening 8/24.  Reg Run Thu-Sat 730p, Sun 3p

Tickets $20 - 773.764.8317

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Season on the Line House Theatre

9/12/14-10/26/14 - Melville’s Pequod crew is transformed into the Bad Settlement Theatre Company, beleaguered by a dilapidated building, strained finances, and an aging artistic director with a singular focus: the first-ever perfect production of Moby-Dick.  Mirroring Melville’s unconventional form, Season on the Line is the young narrator’s look back at the industry he has grown to love, even as those around him pay the ultimate price in pursuit of their great white whale.


Performances - Thu-Sat 730p; Sun 7p

$15 Previews( 9/12-9/21); $25-35 Reg Run (9/22-10/26)

More information - 773.769.3832




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