It is Magic Theater Oobleck

World Premiere - From Theater Oobleck's Mickle Maher, author of The Strangerer, There Is a Happiness That Morning Is and Song About Himself.

A mashup of Macbeth and The Three Little Pigs, IT IS MAGIC is a hilarious, sorrowful meditation on the deep, ancient evil that is the American community theater audition process.


$20 Suggested doation, more if you've got it, free if you're brook

Inquiries here

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Ich Czworo Polish American Actors Theater

Mariusz Krzysztof Kotowski, Zalozyciel/Dyrektor Artystyczny - "Nie bylo pokolenia, dla ktorego tworczosc Gabrieli Zapolskiej bylaby obojetna. W historii polskiej literatury jej dorobek artystyczny nie ma sobie rownych.  Jej sztuki teatralne, nowele i powiesci sa uznawane za arcydziela.  Dla nas, Polakow, Zapolska to pisarka wybitna i genialna.  Postacie, ktore stworzyla na trwale zapisuja sie w naszej pamieci.  Zapolskacale zycie marzyla o tym, aby przyjehac do Ameryki.  Niestety, nie udalo jej sie to.  Teraz my, z zespolem Polish American Actors Theater, mamy niezmierna przyjemnosc zaprezentowac Panstwu arcydzielo sceniczne - sztuke Ich Czworo w obsadzie aktorow z Chicago. Ogromnie ciesze sie na spotkanie z Panstwem"

Informacja 773-919-4180

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Even Tide 3AM Theatre

9pm June 5th & 6th - Eventide is a multidisciplinary piece produced and performed by modern circus performer and dancer, Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo, that uses expressive movement, object manipulation, and contemporary, surreal scene-setting to expose the challenges we face in romantic relationships and relationships with ourselves.  Presented as part of the 2019 Physical Theatre Festival of international theater, EvenTide represents USA and Puerto Rico.

Tickets - $20/15

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Kaeyra's 18th Birthday Concert KAEYRA

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Mark the Knife with Madame X & the Alibis Madame X

An intimate performance from Mark the Knife A.K.A.The World's Most Dangerous Comic. Mark has performed his act around the world, with eight circuses, Lazer Vaudeville and The Jim Rose Circus spanning 23 countries in 5 continents.

Mark's TV appearances have included the Late Night with David Letterman, Comedy Central, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Discovery Channel, and NBC's America's Got Talent.

Tickets: $20-30


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